Drowning Victim Family Demands Fence For Pond

As some members of two-year-old Brandon Luna's family spent time making funeral arrangements following the toddler's tragic drowning death last month, others were complaining about the lack of a fence around the pond and the warning that others may die without changes.

Brandon Luna drowned in a retention pond near his home. Reports say Brandon's father has stated that his son's death could have been prevented and wants a fence built around the pond to keep others from suffering the same loss.

The area is a Habitat for Humanity community, and officials say a permanent fence would have to be voted on by the homeowner's association once the lots are finished, and that there is little money for the fence.  In the meantime, a temporary fence is being considered.

For Brandon Luna's family, the fence provides little solace. But the responsibility for their son's death is still up in the air. Who is responsible? Is there anything that can ease the pain and suffering?

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