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Indian Priest Dies Saving Youths from West Indian Surf

A 38-year-old Indian man died after rescuing three youths who were swept away by high currents at the Galjibag, Panaji seashore, reports say.  

Thomas Fernandes, a Catholic priest, was leading a group of parishioners from West Indian Nuvem village on a picnic on the beach. Reportedly, a group of youngsters had ventured into the sea and were dragged into the surf by the current. The priest initially ran for help when the boys cried out in distress.

Without apparent assistance imminent, Father Fernandes rushed into the water and saved two young girls and a boy from drowning, but then succumb to the surf himself. He was rushed to the district hospital at Margao by medical services but was pronounced dead by doctors on arrival.

In a case like this, parishioners were left grieving, with no leader to comfort them. How will they deal with the devastation of losing a loved one?  Although this case is atypical, Americans with similar experience need answers to the tough questions.

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