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Sailor Killed While Trying to Leave Boat

A crew member of a Qatargas time-chartered vessel died from injuries he sustained while boarding a service launch from the ship on which he had been working.

 The worker, who had just completed his tour of duty and was leaving the ship to return home, was moving from the ship to a launch to take him ashore. The ship’s gangway was rigged so that the crew would have to jump from the gangway to the second ship’s deck, a distance of about two feet.

The service boat was moving up and down in the sea, and there was a reported two-foot swell at the time of the transfer. The crew member jumped aboard, lost his balance and fell onto the mooring bitts of the service launch. The bitts were directly under the ships gangway, and as the boat moved upwards on a wave, the crew member’s chest was crushed between the boats bitts and the gangway.

Initially, the crewman seemed only slightly injured. But he soon began complaining of difficulty breathing and his appearance changed to one of distress. He lost consciousness, and efforts to revive him proved futile. Although the service vessel contacted medical assistance, when they reached shore, a doctor examined him and declared him dead.

A medical report revealed him to be 63 years of age, but the report did not release his name. An investigation reportedly continues.

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