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Father and Son Die in North Carolina Lake

Mill Spring, NC father and son drowned in a North Carolina lake after they jumped in to try and save a young child in their care from  drowning last month.

Reports say 48-year-old William Butch Jackson and 21-year-old William Butch Jackson Jr. were fishing from their small boat on Lake Adger when the elder Jackson’s young daughter fell in the water.

Reports say the father and his adult son jumped in to rescue the girl, but the pair never surfaced. Their bodies were recovered hours later. Reports say the girl was wearing a life preserver and was eventually rescued by a woman on shore. The coves in this particular lake have a plethora of tree stumps and other debris where swimmers can become entangled and drown.

Although both the victims and the survivors were members of the same families, in  lake accidents such as this, families of the victims need to know their rights. The Doan Law Firm, P.C., led by a Houston drowning attorney, has extensive experience in water-related injury and death. For more information,  contact The Doan Law Firm, P.C. today.

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