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Missing Commercial Fisherman’s Body Found

The body of missing New England commercial fisherman Arthur Brooks, 77, was recovered last week from the York River, reports say. Brooks’ body was spotted by a member of the Marine Police in the following morning.

Brooks was discovered nearly a mile from where his fishing boat capsized a day earlier. Sixty-four-year-old Al Madison, another commercial fisherman on the same capsized boat, was found March the following day. Rescue teams had been combing the water for the first days in an attempt to find Brooks.

The men were setting nets off York River State Park when their boat’s propeller became entangled in the nets. Reports state that without power, the men were unable to maneuver and the boat capsized in the turbulent and cold water.

In cold weather, water accidents often have tragic circumstances. The water temperature and the inability for swift rescue make cold weather water accidents particularly difficult. Fortunately, there are fewer accidents – and fewer rescue attempts – in the winter. But as summer comes, more accidents occur, and not always with happy endings.

In the event of a tragic ending in your own life experience, experts in water injury and drowning death litigation are essential. The Doan Law Firm, P.C has extensive background in both, and can be counted on for educated and pertinent information. For more information, contact The Doan Law Firm, P.C. today.

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