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Gulf Coast Spill Hits Tourism and Fishing Alike

With the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, fishermen, fish farmers, charter boat operators and other fish and game workers are in obvious jeopardy. But seasonal economies are also in trouble, pundits say.

In addition to, surfers, sunbathers, swimmer and vacationers – as well as those who serve them – are in danger of having a devastatingly bad summer. All industries that cater to those groups of tourists, including restaurant owners, innkeepers, sporting good suppliers, are susceptible to the dramatic drop in business a beach full of oil may bring.

Already, those concerned with the possibilities are joining ranks to help with the cleanup — and a possible interception – of the oil headed their direction. Since 80 percent of all income in some of these beach towns comes in the summer months, losing it will mean losing a way of life.

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