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Offshore Drilling Affected By Gulf Coast Oil Spill

As the BP oil spill moves onto the shore of the Gulf Coast, it’s clear that there is one victim bigger than all the rest: new drilling operators.

With the Gulf oil slick a few miles away from the mighty Mississippi River Delta Friday, residents from Louisiana to Florida are seeing the possibility of banned fishing, oily beaches, closed harbors, a destroyed coastline and devastated livelihoods. All of those people in affected areas make federal government plans to increase offshore oil drilling more difficult.

Offshore drilling in most U.S. waters has been limited to existing wells since the early 1980s. The ban was renewed each year until 2008, when oil prices shot up and the public clamored for more U.S. oil production in the.

The federal government must have states’ approval before drilling, and based on the outrage at this spill, that’s less certain than last year. Obviously, America needs more oil. But federal officials are now wary of opening up areas that, should this kind of spill happen again, would cost more in cleanup costs than it would produce in oil revenue or self-reliance.

Your rights may have been affected even if you are not against the Gulf Coast and awaiting the oil slick. But you could still be affected by the fallout. If you think your livelihood has been affected,  contact the Doan Law Firm for a consultation. Compensation could be available to you. The Doan Law Firm’s contact information is 1 Riverway, Suite 1700, Houston, TX  77056. Phone: (713) 869-4747 or (800) 910-FIRM.

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