Man Found Mostly Responsible in His Elevator Injury


A trial found an injured man who fell down an elevator shaft 80-percent responsible for the accident, reports say.


So the civil case award, which was valued at $157,500, will allow him to end up with approximately $31,000. The jury decided that the accident where Danny Secrist walked into an empty elevator shaft and fell about 20 feet onto a cement slab was mostly his fault.


Reports say the accident, which caused several injuries to Secrist, including back and leg impairments and a heavily-damaged left foot, is mostly his of own doing. The elevator, which was about 90 years old, was used to transport workers and their tools. It needed a tool, of some sort just to open it.


Secrist apparently did not help himself with a past felony conviction and a drug test that reported the presence of cannabis in his system, reports say.

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