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Mother of Drowned Child Wants Pond Gone

A month after her 17-month-old child drowned in a pond on her family’s property last month, a mother wants the water drained and the pond filled in to keep others from suffering the same fate.

Clayton Smith was found late last month in a pond behind his family’s property in Interlachen, Florida after the toddler wandered off and into the pond. Mrs. Smith saw the toddler as he walked around the corner of the house and disappeared and ended her phone call to retrieve him. But reports say that when she rounded the corner of the home herself, he was nowhere to be found.

She checked everywhere she thought he might have gone – including walking to the pond and checking there — and couldn’t find him. She called her husband and they called the police. A few hours later, a diver with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office dive team found Clayton’s body in the water, reports say.

Now the pond where the boy died is not a constant reminder of the loss. But they are also worried about the safety of Clayton’s 3-year-old brother. So the Smiths want the pond filled in.

A neighbor has reportedly donated the services of a dump truck, and the Smiths are looking for donations of money to dirt to fill the pond.

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