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Four-Year-Old Boy Dies From E. Coli Infection

A Vancouver boy who was hospitalized for an E. coli infection died recently. One of four children hospitalized due to an outbreak, the youngster, whose name was not released, had apparently contracted the infection from a Vancouver day care center.

Officials temporarily closed the home-based day care center, operated by Larry and Dianne Fletch, on April 2, reports say. The day care had operated since 1990 and had no complaints filed against it prior to the death, reports say.

In day care settings and nursing homes, person-to-person transmission is an ongoing problem. When staff members or children fail to thoroughly wash hands after going to the bathroom or changing diapers, they can pick up and spread the fecal bacteria.  

The first hospitalization reportedly occurred on March 19, but soon afterward three other children required hospitalization. Investigators reportedly tested stool samples from 18 other children and four adult caregivers at the day care and found seven others carrying the same E. Coli strain but showing no symptoms. None of the other day care children or staff members became ill, but symptoms can take up to 10 days to appear after exposure,

Symptoms include severe cramping and bloody diarrhea. And while most people recover in about a week without requiring treatment, children younger than 5 have a harder time dealing with the infection, and often have life-threatening complications. In some cases, patients often require blood transfusions, kidney dialysis and a long hospital stay.

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