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Several Killed in Amusement Park Accident

Several people were killed at a Chinese amusement park last month on Space Journey, a ride at Ecoventure Valley of Overseas Chinese Town in Shenzhen. To make matters worse, the way the accident has been reported and subsequently handled has created an atmosphere of distruct and misinformation, reports say.


The ride, which is designed to simulate the experience of a rocket launch, including acceleration twice that of gravity, was housed under a dome. In the ride, approximately 40 passengers spin and bob in four-person carts. But last month, something malfunctioned and reportedly went horribly wrong, leading to the deaths of six people on the ride and injuries to 10 others.


Reports say that neither officials nor the company that own the ride, Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Holding Co., have offered a clear explanation for what happened. The local government held a press conference at which the park apologized for the accident, but have not released any information as to what actually did happen.


Some witnessed said there was an explosion, others reported that something was simply burning; and some say one of the ride’s carts broke off and fell to the ground, killing its passengers. Others even say a power interruption was the accident’s source.


The ride had only been open to the public for a little over a year, since May 1, 2009. Because the machinery for the ride was special equipment, it was tested and certified as safe by the China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute. The investigation continues.


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