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Two Children Thrown from Car in Two-Car Crash

An eight-month-old child and a three-year-old are in critical condition at a Baton Rouge area hospital after they were both thrown from a minivan earlier this month following a collision.

According to reports, a two-vehicle crash happened at North Foster Drive and Winnebago Street in Baton Rouge when a minivan failed to yield while making a left turn and a car plowed into it. Both children flew out of the minivan, with the eight-month-old suffering serious head injuries and a broken leg; while the three-year-old received a serious cut to the lower back. The 3-year-old is expected to make a full recovery, but the younger child is still critical and the outcome is unknown at this time. An investigation continues.

Auto accidents such as this are tragic. And experts in dealing with situations similar to this are helpful in giving direction to families of accidental injury and death victims. The Doan Law Firm P.C., led by Houston personal injury attorney Jimmy Doan, has extensive experience in personal injury and wrongful death accidents and can assist any family suffering loss or injury. Contact the Doan Law Firm, P.C., at 1 Riverway, Suite 1700, Houston, Texas 77056, (713) 869-4747 or (800) 910-FIRM.

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