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Woman Dies When Hospital Ignores Doctor’s Orders

A young Englishwoman, Aseelah Haqq, 33, of Middle Walk, Buxton, died after an order from her doctor that she deliver her child via a Caesarean Section rather than normal labor was ignored, reports say. 

Haqq had reportedly been suffering from complications, and her pregnancy had gone over 42 weeks. She was also reportedly a diabetic. An ultrasound was reportedly conducted on her sister and the doctor ordered that a C-section be done since her body would not be able to take the strain of normal labor.

When her water broke, she endured labor pains until she was finally taken to the delivery room to give birth. But instead of receiving the C-section, she was subjected to several hours of normal labor, despite the doctor’s orders. Several hours after she delivered a healthy child, Haqq’s condition deteriorated rapidly. After being connected to a life-support machine, she was removed and she died.

Her sister, Ayesha, has reportedly vowed to take action against the hospital staff, whose negligence she believes resulted in her sister’s death. Haqq was the mother four children, ranging from nine to the newborn.

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