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FDA Removes Some Cold, Cough and Allergy Drugs

The Federal Drug Administration has removed for sale more than 500 unapproved prescription cough, allergy and cold medicines because none have been appropriately evaluated by the FDA for sale.

Some of the drugs affected are Lodrane, Cardec, Organidin and Pediahist, which have all been ordered off the market by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. None have ever been evaluated by the agency for safety, even though some have been available for many years. The unapproved drugs came to market before a 1962 federal law required that medications be evaluated by the agency for safety and effectiveness prior to being sold.

Reports say that the FDA feels the medications pose unnecessary risk to consumers, and that removing unapproved products will reduce potential risks to consumers. Reports also say that many doctors were unaware of the unapproved status of these drugs and continue prescribing them.


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