Racehorses Apparently Die From Electrocution

A pair of expensive racehorses collapsed and died last month under mysterious circumstances just before a race at in Britain, with speculation that electrocution was the cause.


The British Horseracing Authority is investigating the deaths of the horses, Fenix Two and Marching Song, but the deaths of the animals are consistent with electrocution. Marching Song was sired by Breeder's Cup winner War Chant.


So far, the cause seems to be from underground cables, combined with the wet ground and the horses' metal shoes, could have caused the deaths. One of the horse's owner said that some bystanders had complained that they were getting a mild shock from the horse.


The horses were out and readying for a race when suddenly, both stricken horses just dropped to the ground. Reports say that at least one other horse also went down, but did not die. Others reported that some of the horses seemed stuck to the ground and couldn't move normally. Afterward, reports say a rein on one of the dead horses looked burned, making it consistent with electrical shock.

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