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Eight-Year-Old Saves Toddler From Drowning

Eight-year-old Jesus Lara noticed a toddler in the water in his Plano apartment and assumed somebody trying to see how long they could go under water without breathing. But then he saw the bubbles stop rising and could immediately tell the toddler was not breathing.

Although there were adults around the pool, none were in the water; a party was going on. He took a deep breath, went under water, retrieved him and yelled for his father.

The toddler’s skin had turned blue and he was unresponsive. Adults started CPR and called 911. By the time paramedics arrived, the boy was breathing on his own again.

Firefighters credit Jesus’ quick decision to dive and rescue the boy himself as saving the toddler’s life. If he had remained int he water even a few seconds longer, paramedics were not sure if he would have survived, reports say.

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