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Study: Increase in Heart Risks for Chantix Patients

Reports say that a study has suggested that Chantix patients face a higher risk of heart attacks, strokes and other serious cardiovascular events.

The study, conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins University and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, say Pfizer Inc.’s controversial stop-smoking drug, Chantix or varenicline, has several possible side-effects.

The study reportedly involved more than 8,000 patients, with more than half taking placebos, and excluding patients with a history of heart disease. The study was performed over the course of a year or less, reports say, and was published in the Canadian Medical Journal.

Chantix has been prescribed to 13 million people since 2006 and it has reportedly been criticized for some psychiatric side effects, including suicidal thoughts. In 2009, the FDA ordered a warning to Chantix labels because of such problems. The drug has also been named in several personal injury lawsuits.

Reports say the FDA has already mandated a warning that people with pre-existing heart problems could face a higher risk of cardiovascular events if they take the drug on the Chantix label. The warning was reportedly based on a study of 700 patients who had documented cardiovascular disease.

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