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Lowes Increases Settlement Offer Over Chinese Toxic Drywall

Lowe’s Companies Inc. has increased its offer to settle toxic drywall lawsuits, say reports, with the home improvement store chain offering as much as $100,000 to customers who claim their homes and health suffered as a result of toxic drywall they may have purchased at Lowe’s Home Improvement Centers.

The original settlement proposed that Lowe’s drywall claimants would have received gift cards or cash from between $50 to $2,500. But claimants said the amount was too small since replacing the sheetrock would cost at in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the original settlement – which totaled around $6-million – was immediately criticized by consumer advocate groups.

Lowe’s, which continues to maintain it did not sell any Chinese-made drywall, announced a new settlement that while exact details are not know, addressed many of the concerns, reports say.

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