Mother of Drowned Son Sues

Reports say the YES Academy is being sued by the mother of a son who drowned while attending a summer program.

Carnez Boone, a 14-year-old Collingdale, PA boy who had been sent to a residential treatment program in western Pennsylvania, drowned in Stoneboro last summer after jumping off the high dive.

Carnez's mother, Okita Allen, reportedly claims that school counselors pressured Carnez to jump off the high dive during a class trip with the YES Academy, a yearlong residential program for troubled teens. The Yes Program reportedly claims they did nothing wrong, pointing out that Carnez told counselors that he could swim - which was apparently not accurate.

Carnez had attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and behavior problems, reports say, and was recently convicted on a conspiracy charge for stealing a car. The Delaware County Juvenile Court judge had sentenced him to 14 months at YES Academy, a comprehensive treatment program in Mercer County for juvenile fire-starters, sex offenders and excessively aggressive youths, reports say.

The facility reportedly questioned Carnez's ability to swim, but then provided him two lifeguards, assuring each other that Boone would be OK, according to reports.

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