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Recalled Alcohol Swabs May Be Infected

Triad Group alcohol swabs, prep pads, and alcohol Swabsticks have been recalled due to concerns of possible contamination. The contamination is from a bacteria called bacillus cereus, which is a bug typically found in food contamination, reports say. Illness will appear within one day of exposure and will typically start with some form of diarrhea. Serious illness and permanent injury are very rare, reports say.

Reports say the affected Alcohol Swabs, Alcohol Prep Pads and Alcohol Swabsticks are typically used to disinfect the local skin prior to an injection, Alcohol Prep Pads, and can cause serious infections, which in the case of surgery and elderly or infirm patients could actually lead to death, reports say.

The affected pads and swabs are able to be identified by the company’s name “Triad Group.” In addition, third party packagers, Cardinal Health, PSS Select, VersaPro, Boca/ Ultilet, Moore Medical and Walgreens also has pads and swabs that may be infected, reports say.

The products were distributed in the US, Canada and Europe to retail pharmacies as individual packets sold in boxes of 100 packets. Even though the recall is being issued, Triad says it has only one report of any threatening skin reaction connected to these recalled products – which was not life threatening, reports say.

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