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Nearly Ten-Percent of Crew and Passengers Sickened on Trans-Atlantic Cruise

Cunard Line’s Queen Victoria cruise liner reportedly had 30 people quarantined out of the 2000 crew and passengers aboard a trans-Atlantic sailing early in 2010.

The report of illness had had been erroneously been reported to be severe enough that the ship was nearly turned away from its landing at the New York harbor with complaints of a widespread illness onboard.

Reports published in Britain as the ship was heading toward the United States had suggested the ship would not be allowed to dock when it reached its destination due to an outbreak of flu-like symptoms on board.

The report, although false, was accurate should a liner have an outbreak of any illness that reaches epidemic rate, which is considered to be 15 percent or more. At the time of the report, only 30 were sick.

The original 30 people were confined to their cabins, and the ship’s captain had ordered a major cleaning operation of handrails, dining rooms and other public areas to protect the remaining passengers and crew. In addition, self-service of food and beverages was stopped and several receptions were canceled.

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