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Some Jackets and Sweatshirts Recalled for Safety Issues

A recall by two separate companies for similar safety issues are under way as of earlier this month, reports say, for  drawstrings designs that apparently have become a strangulation issue.

Although no accidents or injuries have been reported with regard to either of these products, both companies have evidently decided to heed the Consumer Products Safety Commission’s guidelines to prevent children from strangling themselves or becoming entangled on the strings of the jackets.

The law actually dates back to May of 2006, when the CPSC issued bulletin that warned of the dangers to young children. But CPSC guidelines are reportedly often ignored by clothing manufacturers. Over a nearly 15-year period, the CPSC reported 22 deaths and 48 accidental entanglements due to clothing with similar drawstrings, reports say.

The two companies which have issued the recalls are Prairie Mountain Inc., of Lockwood, Missouri and Alpha Industries, of Chantilly, Virginia. Prairie Mountain is recalling less than 10,000 hooded lightweight wind rain jackets, sizes 2/4, 6/8, 10/12 and 14/16 in red, blue and green. The company reportedly says that consumers should remove the drawstring from the jacket hood to eliminate the hazard – or, additionally, they can contact Prairie Mountain for instructions on how to receive a full refund. Alpha Industries’ recall pertains to less than 1000 hooded, olive green zippered sweatshirts with drawstrings through the hood. As with the Prairie Mountain recall, owners of the jackets should either remove the drawstrings from the hoods or return them to Alpha Industries.

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