Suspect Charged in Fatal Houston Shooting

Charges were filed late last month against a suspect in the fatal shooting of a woman at an apartment complex on Dunlap Ave. on Sunday December 19th. Jamal Jones, 24, was charged with criminal negligent homicide, accused in the killing of Felicia Jefferson, 28. 

Houston Police and HFD emergency personnel responded to a shooting call at the Dunlap address. When they arrived they found Ms. Jefferson in a bedroom of her parents' apartment with gunshot wounds to the head. She was pronounced dead at the scene. 


Jones, the boyfriend of Jefferson's sister, had arrived earlier to visit his girlfriend and their children. As an off-duty security guard, Jones was armed with his duty weapon. While in the bedroom with his girlfriend, Jones began waving the weapon in the belief it was unloaded. With his four-month-old child, and Jefferson's two children, 3 and 7 years of age in the room, the weapon discharged and Jefferson was struck in the head and killed. 


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