70-Year-Old Risks Life to Save Child

Lou Rosso, a 70-year-old Egg Harbor Township man, jumped into the waters off Michigan Avenue in Atlantic City recently when he saw two children struggling in the water. The accident, which took place about a half-hour after lifeguards had left for the day.

Rosso jumped into the water and kept the 10-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy afloat long enough to get them rescued. In the process, he became fatigued and very close to being a drowning victim himself.

Although he kept the kids' heads above water for about 10 minutes until help arrived, he began to tire; had it not been for the for the Fire Department's personal watercraft, he believes he would and the children have drowned, reports say.

There have already had been 453 rescues since Memorial Day on the beach.

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