Hip Implant Class Action Lawsuit Filed by Australians

The oft-maligned DePuy hip implant device, which was recalled last summer, has been cited in a lawsuit by 20 Australians earlier this month.

The suit claims the device, which is surgically implanted in the hip socket, eventually necessitates the need for a painful and complicated second surgery. In addition, reports say, there are illnesses linked to metal toxicity from the components, such as concerns of severe tissue and bone damage as well as metal infiltrating the bloodstream.

The federal class action lawsuit against DePuy Orthopaedics, a unit of Johnson & Johnson, claims that some 5000 Australians received the defective device in the past 10 years.

Reports also say that another 100 or so patients from Australia who have had various problems linked to the defective DePuy devices will also likely file suit as well.

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