Second Tragedy at Texas City Dike Beach

HomeJust nine months after a set of twin nine-year-old girls and their father drowned when they were caught in an undertow at Texas City Dike Beach, a five-year-old whose name was not yet released also drowned in almost the exact same spot.

Jimmy Doan, lead attorney from the Doan Law Firm, the Houston personal injury attorney whose firm hosts this website, is representing the family of victims Samantha, Alexandra and Hector Suarez, who drown in October. And it was Doan who was on the front line after the second drowning occurred, explaining that although the city recognized the danger, they still didn’t add the necessary signage.

"(The Suarez Family) want to understand why can you spend millions of dollars, manicure then beach, put out signs about ATVs not being allowed, but you can't put one single sign about no swimming? These are questions we want the city to answer," Doan said. “They invited people to come and swim in the area yet the current is dangerous.”

Although Texas City Mayor Matt Doyle reportedly said the area needed signs stating the hazardous conditions, the signs were never erected. The suit will likely be a landmark case since the city recognized the danger, yet never addressed it.

In a situation such as this, when lives are in danger due to the possible negligence of a government agency, professionals are necessary to sift through the facts. The Doan Law Firm, led by personal injury attorney Jimmy Doan, can help. The Doan Law Firm has years of experience in water-safety issues and personal injury litigation. Contact the Doan Law Firm at 1 Riverway, Suite 2055, Houston, Texas 77056; PH: (800) 349-0000.