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Former Criminal Defense Attorney On Trial

A Houston criminal defense attorney is finally in court, three years after a Houston woman mysteriously drowned in her bathtub.


The woman, 32-year-old Tara Sganga, was found dead in her bathtub. At the time, her boyfriend,

A criminal defense attorney with a history of drug use, stands trial on charges that he gave her heroin before she died, reports said.


Harris County prosecutors opened their case against Shawn Roland Roberts late last summer, saying he injected her with the drugs on March 19, 2007. Roberts found Sganga unconscious and submerged in the bathtub of their west Houston apartment sometime after noon, reports say.


Roberts reportedly called 911, and paramedics took her to a hospital. She died at the hospital and the cause of her death was ruled a drowning, though authorities never determined how she drowned. But seveal drugs, including cocaine, morphine and a muscle relaxer, were found in her body.


Roberts, who was apparently disbarred last year for professional misconduct related to drug use, told investigators he was the only person at the apartment and had taken a nap when Sganga went missing. When he went to look for her, he found her in the bathtub, reports said.


Roberts, who appeared intoxicated when he spoke with police, said Sganga had been dyeing her hair before he took his nap. Reports said another person was actually at the home at the time and Roberts put a drug – allegedly heroin — into three syringes; one was for himself, one for Sganga and one for Hayes.


Since Sganga’s death, three other people close to Roberts have died unnaturally, including his wife, Amanda Linscomb who was found unconscious in an apartment in Willis.

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