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Homeland Security Pilot Pleads Not Guilty in Drowning Death

A helicopter pilot working for the Department of Homeland Security pleaded not guilty last month to allegations that he lied to investigators over his role in the 2005 drowning of a would-be illegal immigrant in South Texas, reports say.

The pilot, James Peters, faced four counts of making false statements to investigators who had questioned him regarding the death of a Mexican citizen, Carlos Delgadillo Martinez.

Reports say Peters is accused of lying to investigators regarding an incident in 2005 incident near Laredo, Texas. Reports say the details of the incident suggest he was flying his helicopter low in an attempt to force Delgadillo and another person back across the Rio Grande to Mexico.

Reports say the force of the turbulence made Delgadillo lose his grip on an inner tube. Evidently, investigators believed his statements following that accident, in which the man drown, were not entirely accurate.

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