Links Between Breast Implants and Rare Cancer Possible

A study conducted by the non-profit Rand Corporation, among others reportedly found 36 published cases of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma among women with breast implants.

Although the links exist, the research does not conclusively prove that breast implants cause the cancer – specified as Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma – which may appear in several parts of the body including the lymph nodes, skin, bones, soft tissue, lungs or liver. But earlier this year, the FDA warned that a few dozen cased of ALCL were reported in breast implant patients.

The possibility of the rare immune system ALCL cancer were first raised in 1996, following publication of a report describing a woman with implants who had developed the cancer in tissue located next to one of her implants. Since then researchers have tried to establish a confirmed link.

The study still suggested that breast implant patients undergo a thorough diagnostic screening for ALCL if a fluid-filled sac appears near a breast implant six or more months after surgery. An ALCL diagnosis should trigger a thorough evaluation to determine if the cancer has spread outside the breast capsule. For many patients, removing the affected implant and surrounding tissue appeared to successfully control the disease, reports concluded.

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