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Child Drowning Accidents and Your Rights

In 2012, 74 children died through drowning in the State of Texas. These tragic accidents took place in hot tubs, at pools, lakes, ponds, beaches, both on public and private property. There is no more terrible and devastating tragedy than losing a child, and when the death is the result of a negligent act, justice must be served. Children must be carefully watched when in any environment in which water is present. A young child can drown in only a few inches of water. If you lost a child in a drowning accident, taking legal action against the negligent party can help you get closure and hold the negligent party accountable for the negligent act.

Whether the drowning took place at a hotel, motel, public pool, private pool, water park, beach or other location, the facts must be fully reviewed to determine where the system failed. Some public or private pools have failed to ensure that the pool gates were functioning, or the lifeguard on duty failed to take action early enough to save the child. In other cases, CPR was administered, but incorrectly, and a child that could have been saved has died. How do you file a claim and seek justice? The first step is to get advice and counsel from a law firm that deals with drowning accident claims. A review of the situation and the details will allow the lawyer to advise you about taking action to recover compensation for your tragic loss. A parent will never recover from the loss of a child. The legal system allows for legal action to be taken in civil court to seek justice in the form of compensation. If you lost a child in a drowning accident, the first step is to have your case evaluated by a lawyer. You have limited time in which to file a claim, and it is important that you take action as early as possible after the death.

The Doan Law Firm, P.C. represents families in cases of child death through drowning in the Houston area.

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