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Protect Your Rights with a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Protect Your Rights with a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Protect Your Rights with a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

A Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney from The Doan Law Firm Fights for You

If you, or a loved one, has suffered a traumatic brain injury caused by the conduct of someone else, you need to understand your legal rights and responsibilities. A traumatic brain injury will alter the course of your life, and likely do so forever. You must have a fighter on your side, like a traumatic brain injury attorney from The Doan Law Firm at (800) 349-0000.

Understanding Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are placed in two categories, according to the John Hopkins University School of Medicine. Acquired brain injuries arise sometime after birth. They can be the result of a host of different things, including a genetic issue or a physical deformity.

Traumatic brain injuries are those that are caused by some type of external force. Oftentimes, a traumatic brain injury is the fault of another party's negligence or even intentional act.

Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries can occur in a number of different ways. In many cases, a traumatic brain injury occurs through a penetration of the skull and resulting damage to a person's brain. This can include penetration by a bullet, piece of glass, nail, or some other type of projectile or hazardous protrusion. These are classified as open injuries.

Closed head injuries represent another set of traumatic brain injuries. These occur from a blow to a person's head. Some closed head traumatic injuries occur when the brain and the skull move at different rates of speed. An automobile accident is a prime example when this type of situation occurs.

A closed head traumatic brain injury can also occur because of any other type of sudden, abrupt change in a person's position. Moreover, it can occur in response to other types of physical impacts, including being struck by some type of object.

Intentional Conduct and a Traumatic Brain Injury

Sadly, traumatic brain injuries oftentimes occur because of the intentional conduct of another person. For example, if another individual assaults you or a loved one, the violent attack can result in a traumatic brain injury. A shooting is another prime example of when intentional misconduct results in a traumatic brain injury.

When an intentional act results in a traumatic brain injury, two types of legal proceedings could very likely take place. First, the person who committed an assault that caused a traumatic brain injury is very likely to be charged with a crime. In fact, this individual is likely to be charged with a serious felony. In addition to criminal charges, if you are the victim of this type of conduct, you can pursue a claim or personal injury lawsuit to obtain compensation for your injuries.

Negligent or Reckless Conduct and a Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury can also be the result of the negligent or reckless conduct of someone else. A prime example of when this occurs is in an automobile accident. Traumatic brain injuries can also occur in the case of aviation, railroad, and swimming pool accidents. They oftentimes occur as the result of negligence associated with some type of sporting or recreational activity.

Compensation for a Traumatic Brain Injury

The serious nature of a traumatic brain injury cannot be overstated. If you, or a loved one, are a victim of an accident or intentional act that resulted in this type of injury, the negative consequences very well may be permanent, lasting for a lifetime.

The compensation in a traumatic brain injury case depends on the nature of the accident and extent of damage inflicted upon you or a loved one. A traumatic brain injury attorney from The Doan Law Firm ardently strives to ensure that you obtain the full spectrum of compensation to which you are entitled in this type of case. This can include:

  • medical bills
  • pain and suffering
  • permanent disability
  • mental anguish
  • lost income

An experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer will fight aggressively to ensure that you obtain full compensation not only for existing or current losses, but for everything you reasonably can be expected to lose in the future.

Your medical care is not likely to end any time soon. You may never find complete relief from pain associated with your injury. Mental anguish is likely to be profound and not soon to abate. You may never be able to return to work. These all represent types of future losses for which you are entitled to appropriate financial recovery.

In addition to recovery for future and ongoing losses, you may also be entitled to punitive damages, if your case ends up in court. Punitive damages represent an additional amount of compensation that can be awarded in a traumatic brain injury case.

Punitive damages also are designed to punish a person that caused your injuries for particularly reckless or even intentional conduct. Punitive damages are designed, in part, to punish a party for particularly egregious conduct.

Skilled, Compassionate Legal Representation from a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

The first step in engaging the professional services of a skilled, experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer is to call the personal injury hotline at The Doan Law Firm at (800) 349-0000. The hotline is staffed around the clock, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.

A traumatic brain injury attorney from our firm will schedule an initial consultation with you at a time and place that is convenient for you. The Doan Law Firm has offices across the United States. In addition, an attorney from our firm can meet with you at your home or even in a hospital or rehabilitation center, as your circumstances require.

At an initial consultation, a traumatic brain injury lawyer will provide an evaluation of your case. An attorney will answer any and all questions you might have about your case.

There is no fee charged for an initial consultation with an attorney from The Doan Law Firm. Additionally, The Doan Law Firm charges not fee for your case unless and until we obtain a favorable settlement or judgment for you.


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  1. After an accident, the responsible party's insurance company may try to reduce the claim amount. Commonly, insurance adjusters are trained to get information from the injured to assist in reducing the claim. Though some insurers are less guilty of this practice than others, it is important to realize that insurance companies are profit-oriented corporations and reducing claims results in increased profits for shareholders. This can create a situation for the injured in which they are offered a settlement that does not truly reflect the damages suffered. If you accept this settlement, you lose the ability to get more money should your injuries require further medical treatments. It is critical that victims get legal assistance in any personal injury case, and The Doan Law Firm is prepared to fight relentlessly for your rights.
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