First Baptist New Braunfels Church Bus Accident Case Update

First Baptist New Braunfels Church Bus Accident Update

Horrific Bus Accident Results in the Death of Over a Dozen People

Tragedy struck for a group of church choir members coming home from a retreat on sunny Wednesday afternoon in Texas. Senior citizens, who sang for the First Baptist New Braunfels Church choir, were traveling on a bus in the Texas Hill Country. Shortly after 2:00 p.m., the bus carrying 13 passengers and a driver was involved in a horrific head-on collision with a large white pickup truck.

The impact occurred on the driver side of both vehicles. The impact of the collision was so significant that the church bus was driver into and over a roadside guardrail.

As of the morning following the accident, a list of victims had not yet been released. The First Baptist New Braunfels Church is said to be working with investigators and law enforcement to notify family members. A list of victims is expected to be available later in the day.

First Baptist New Braunfels Church Bus Accident Update Death Toll Mounts

A great deal of confusion swirled about in the immediate aftermath of the accident. A precise count of fatalities and injuries was finally available the morning after tragic highway collision between the church bus and a pickup truck.

The driver of the pickup was rushed to a hospital in San Antonio. His present condition is not known, but the driver is alive. The passengers in the church bus did not fare as well, by any stretch of the imagination.

A dozen of the 13 passengers in the First Baptist New Braunfels Church bus were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident by emergency personnel. In addition to the driver of the pickup truck, two individuals in the church bus were air-lifted to University Hospital in San Antonio. One of the two injured church bus passengers subsequently died at the hospital, leaving one survivor from the choir group.

The Pastor of First Baptist New Braunfels Church reports that the sole surviving passenger of the church bus accident is a choir member, indicating that the bus driver is among the fatalities. The survivor is in serious, but stable, condition.

First Baptist New Braunfels Church Bus Accident Investigation

The investigation of the First Baptist New Braunfels Church bus accident is ongoing. 24 hours after the collision, very little information is yet available on the cause of the accident. The Texas Department of Public Safety is heading up the investigation of the accident. Although the agency has released some information on the death toll, no specific information has been issued regarding the state of their investigation and any preliminary findings.

A witness at the scene of the accident described the collision as "gruesome." There are now some photographs of the accident scene available to the public.

An examination of the accident photographs suggests that the collision occurred in the lane of traffic occupied by the church bus. The photographs seem to indicate that the pickup truck may have cross the yellow line dividing the highway, colliding with the bus. The photos demonstrate that both vehicles were in the church bus's lane of traffic following the collision.

As of the day following the accident, and despite the photos, there is no confirmation from investigators that the pickup truck in fact crossed the yellow line. There is no confirmation that that the pickup truck or its driver caused the accident. The First Baptist New Braunfels Church Pastor confirms that thus far family members have little information about the cause of the accident. Information outlining the cause of the accident is expected to be released shortly.

The New Braunfels Community Mourns

Residents of New Braunfels are in shock over the First Baptist New Braunfels Church bus accident. The First Baptist New Braunfels Church cancelled are church activities, but has kept the sanctuary open for family and friends of the bus passengers, for other church members, and for the community as a whole.

The community as a whole is responding in support of those individuals who lost loved ones in the First Baptist New Braunfels Church bus accident. The outpouring of support is intended to provide some level of sincere support to those who have lost family members and friends in the bus collision.

The Doan Law Firm Bus Accident Hotline

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