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Football Star Blake Carlisle Killed in Galveston Crane Collapse

Pelican Island Crane Collapse Investigated by OSHA

Officials identified one of the individuals killed in the recent Galveston crane collapse. 20-year old Blake Carlisle lost his life in the Pelican Island crane collapse in Galveston.

Carlisle was a highly-regarded Dickinson high school football player. Indeed, Blake Carlisle has been described as being a “star of the field” and even a better individual off if the field. The death of Carlisle has stunned the community and those who knew and admired him.

One other individual was killed in the horrific Pelican Island crane collapse. His name has yet to be released to the public, the investigation being ongoing.

The Loss of Blake Carlisle

The Dickinson community continues to mourn the loss of Carlisle. After graduating from high school. Carlisle earned a full-ride scholarship to Southern Methodist University.

Carlisle was the father of an infant son. He had also transferred to Independence Junior College, in part because of his family responsibilities.

When Hurricane Harvey struck Texas, Carlisle returned to work, taking a job at Pelican Island in Galveston. He did intend to go back to school after work on addressing the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey wrapped up.

The news of the death of Blake Carlisle was particularly tough for the community of Dickinson, the town having been largely wiped out by Hurricane Harvey. Dickinson High School football coach John Snelson spoke to the media about the tragedy of losing Carlisle. He noted that to so many the young star seemed invincible.

OSHA Continues Investigation of Accident

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, is in the midst of investigating the cause of the Galveston crane collapse. No public announcement has yet been made by the agency charged with overseeing workplace safety in the United States.

There is also no specific time frame for the completion of the investigation of the Pelican Island crane collapse. The focus of the investigation by OSHA is likely on errors and mistakes made by those charged with installing, maintaining, and operating the crane. OSHA is responsible for identifying errors and mistakes of this nature when a workplace accident of this nature occurs.

What OSHA is Looking for in its Investigation

In investigating the Pelican Island crane collapse, one primary area in which OSHA is investigating is whether or not the crane was properly constructed in the first instance. There are instances in which the improper construction or installation of a maritime crane results in catastrophic accident like the one at Galveston.

OSHA will also examine whether those responsible for the crane have undertaken proper maintenance. The failure to properly maintain a crane is also another example of an underlying cause of a catastrophic accident like that experienced recently at Pelican Island in Galveston.

Legal Rights After a Crane Accident

Sadly, crane accidents, like the one at Pelican Island in Galveston, happen with some degree of regularity. As is evidenced by the complicated, ongoing investigation by OSHA, this type of catastrophic accident are complicated matters. Indeed, determining which party or parties are at fault for such a collapse requires the work of experienced individuals.

The same holds true if a person is injured or killed in a maritime crane accident. The legal team at The Doan Law Firm has experience in dealing with maritime crane accident cases. The Doan Law Firm maintains a 24-hour hotline for people with questions about maritime crane accidents at (800) 349-0000. The firm maintains offices in different locations in Texas, including Galveston, that serve people with losses caused by maritime crane accidents. The Doan Law Firm never charges a fee to consult with someone with questions about a maritime crane accident. Indeed, the firm never charges a fee unless the legal team wins a favorable settlement or judgment for a client.

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