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Kuraray Plant Explosion Hospitalizes 21 Workers

Fiery Explosion Rips Through Chemical Plant After Apparent Mechanical Malfunction at Facility

Emergency personnel responded to what is described as “fiery” Kuraray plant explosion in Pasadena late on Saturday morning. According to emergency personnel at the scene of the explosion and fire, at least 21 workers were injured and evacuated to area hospitals. Due to the nature of their injuries, two workers needed to be airlifted to area medical centers.

At this time, the 21 workers sent to the hospital as a result of the Kuraray plant explosion are all expected to live. This includes individuals with what have been classified as serious injuries. There were no reported fatalities in the immediate aftermath of the explosion.

Additional workers at the chemical plant may have sustained injuries that did not require hospitalization. However, no specific information about other injuries has yet been made available to the media or the public.

Feds Launch Investigation Into Kuraray Plant Explosion

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board announced Monday morning, May 21, that the federal agency had dispatched investigators to the scene of the Kuraray plant explosion in Pasadena, outside Houston. In a statement released by the Chemical Safety Board, the agency stated its investigators were going to focus on a number of issues in the aftermath of the injury-causing explosion at the chemical plant. The investigators will focus on issues potentially associated with the Kuraray plant explosion that include:

  • violation of appropriate safety management practices
  • violation of regulations
  • inadequacies in regulations
  • departure from industry standards

In addition, the agency will also investigate what physical causes were responsible for the Kuraray plant explosion. Preliminary investigation by local officials on the scene suggests that the physical cause of the explosion and tremendous fire that a pressure safety valve improperly releasing ethylene. The early evaluation indicates that this improper release of ethylene resulted in a violent flash fire in one of the processing units at the chemical plant.

The Kuraray Plant Explosion Hotline

Area residents and others who may have questions about the Kuraray plant explosion can obtain information by calling the Kuraray Plant Explosion hotline at (713) 869-4747. The legal team at The Doan Law Firm has a background in industrial mishaps like chemical plant explosions. The Kuraray Plant Explosion Hotline is staffed around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

About the Kuraray Chemical Plant

The Kuraray Chemical Plant is located in Pasadena, at the intersection of Choate Road and Bay Area Boulevard. The chemical plant creates a variety of products that include polymers, textiles, fibers, as well as other chemical solution. The materials created at the Kuraray Chemical Plant are designed to enhance or strengthen products from a wide range of different industries.

At the time of the Kuraray plant explosion, the facility was not in production mode but was in the midst of what the company called “heavy maintenance activities.” As a result, there were 266 employees and contract workers at the facility at the time of the explosion involved in the maintenance operations.

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