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Catastrophic New Mexico Bus Accident Kills Eight and Injures Many More

About 50 passengers on a Greyhound bus heading across the state of New Mexico were involved in a catastrophic head-on collision with a semi-truck. Eight people, including seven passengers and the driver of the Greyhound bus, were killed in the New Mexico bush crash. Nearly all other passengers were injured and taken to area hospitals. The driver of the semi-truck survived. The Greyhound bus began its trip in Albuquerque and was heading towards Phoenix at the time of the New Mexico semi-truck accident. The collision occurred outside of the town of Thoreau, New Mexico. As is the case whenever a passenger bus accident and semi-truck accident occurs, injured people and family members of individuals killed in such a collision have questions and concerns about their legal rights in the aftermath of such a calamity. The Doan Law Firm, a nation-wide law firm with offices from coast-to-coast in the United States, established a hotline for people with questions about their legal rights following a passenger bus accident or a semi-truck accident. The hotline at (800) 349-0000 is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year – including on all major holidays.

The Cause of the New Mexico Greyhound Bus Accident

The National Transportation Safety Board and the New Mexico State Police have launched a thorough investigation of the Greyhound bus accident. Very preliminary findings indicate that the initial cause of the fatal collision was a front tire that blew on the semi-truck. Evidence suggests that when the front tire blew on the semi, the big rig crossed the median and headed into oncoming traffic. The semi-truck slammed head-on into the Greyhound bus. The front end of the bus was demolished. The truck then flipped on its side, with its cargo of produce flying all over the roadway. The investigation is ongoing, with updates on the horrific collision to be forthcoming.

Two Pregnant Women Among the Injured

There were two pregnant women onboard the passenger bus at the time of the collision. Both women survived the accident, although they were both transported to area hospitals. One of the women was pregnant with twins. The force of the accident caused her to go into labor. There has been no report as to how far long she was in her pregnancy. However, it appears she was far enough along in her pregnancy that the unborn babies are viable. When the passenger who was pregnant with twins reached the medical center in the midst of labor, she did give birth to her twins. The twins were placed in the neo-natal critical care unit, where they remain.

Parties Responsible for Catastrophic New Mexico Bus Crash

Preliminary evidence indicates that the semi-truck caused the accident that killed eight passengers and injured at least three dozen more in the New Mexico bus crash. Specifically, the immediate cause of the collision is thought to be a blown front tire. At this time, there is no evidence at this time that the driver of the Greyhound bus contributed to the collision in any way. The question then becomes who specifically will be held responsible for the fatalities and injuries that arose from the New Mexico bus crash. Oftentimes, in situations involving passenger bus accidents and semi-truck accidents, multiple parties ultimately are deemed responsible for the losses suffered by injured passengers and by family members of people killed in a collision. The trucking company is a primary potentially responsible party. In addition, the company that hired the rig to transport the produce is potentially a responsible party as well. The tire manufacturer may be a party deemed to be responsible in some way for the accident as well. For example, a defect may be found in the tire as the investigation progresses. The possibility does exist that Greyhound could also be held responsible in some way for contributing to the injuries and deaths that arose from the collision. For example, if investigators ascertain that there were safety issues within the passenger bus, Greyhound might be determined to share in responsibility for the fatalities and injuries.

Protecting Legal Interests with a Skilled, Experienced Passenger Bus Accident Lawyer

A skilled, experienced passenger bus accident attorney, like the legal team at The Doan Law Firm, have the skills and ability to identify all responsible parties and fight to bring them to justice. The first step in the process is to schedule an initial consultation, which can be arranged by calling the passenger bus accident attorney hotline at (800) 349-0000.

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