Partial Collapse of Houston Hotel Under Construction Sends Nine Workers to Hospital

What started as a typical day at the construction site of a hotel in the 3400 block of Main in Houston devolved into an emergency situation that sent nine workers to the hospital. Seven other members of the construction team suffered injuries that were treated at the scene. Initial reports from area hospitals treating the workers indicate that injuries seem to consist of a myriad of different types of broken bones. None of the workers appear to be in serious condition. Whether some workers will require more extended hospitalization or courses of rehabilitation is not yet known. No passersby or visitors to the construction site appear to have been injured as a result of the partial building collapse.

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The Impact of the Construction Site Accident on Injured Workers

The nine hospitalized workers are not likely to be able to return to work in the immediate term. Rather, they may find themselves without their regular source of income for what might amount to an extended period of time. In addition, it is also possible that some of the injured workers who were not immediately hospitalized may not be immediately back at the worksite and earning a paycheck.

“It is also important to note workers involved in a construction site accident may not immediately manifest all of their injuries,” explained Jimmy Doan, attorney at law, and founder of the Houston-headquartered Doan Law Firm. In addition to being headquartered in Houston, The Doan Law Firm is a nationwide organization, with offices from coast-to-coast. “An experienced construction accident injury lawyer can assist an injured worker in navigating the complicated process of protecting legal rights following an incident like what we saw in Houston on July 29,” attorney Doan added.

A construction site accident of this nature can also have a long-term impact on workers at the scene. This can include not only permanent physical injuries but they very real, persistent problem of a condition like post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.

Cause of the Collapse of Houston Hotel Under Construction

Members of the construction crew poured part of the concrete floor on the top level of the hotel building. Directly after the initial pour, workers began distributing the concrete across the designated area. It was during this process of distributing the concrete across the floor area that the floor itself gave way and collapsed.

Investigators and others are only now beginning the process of analyzing what happened and why the floor collapsed. A number of different primary reasons might exist as to why the top floor of the building collapsed onto the level directly underneath. “These can include everything from some type of defect in architectural design to defective materials in the construction of the existing portions of the structure to negligence on the part of worksite supervisors,” according to attorney Doan. “Indeed, there very well may be multiple underlying causes for the collapse and associated injuries.”

Because of the fact that multiple factors may have contributed to the partial collapse at the Houston hotel construction site, different parties might be responsible for the accident and the injuries sustained by workers. These potential responsible parties can include the developer, hotel company, primary contractor, sub-contractors, material manufacturers, and others.

Consultation with a Houston Construction Site Accident Injury Lawyer

Workers injured in incidents like that involving the hotel under construction should consider taking a proactive step in protecting their legal interests. This involves scheduling an initial consultation with a Houston construction site accident injury lawyer – like a member of The Doan Law Firm legal team. The Doan Law Firm maintains an office conveniently located at:

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In addition to meeting at the firm’s offices, an appointment can be arranged in a person’s home or even at the hospital, depending on the circumstances at hand. A virtual consultation can also be arranged online. As noted previously, The Doan Law Firm represents clients across the country. This includes people seeking professional assistance from a construction site accident injury lawyer in cities from coast-to-coast.

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