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Roof Under Construction Collapses, Many Workers Sustain Injuries

The roof of an under-construction hotel in Houston, Texas collapsed in the morning hours of Monday, July 29, 2019. Multiple workers were present and working at the hotel when the sudden collapse occurred and many workers sustained injuries.

The Houston Fire Department was dispatched to the scene of the collapse hotel and rescued at multiple victims from the ruble utilizing the baskets of their fire-engines. At this time, the Houston Fire Department has reported that none of the injured workers appear to be suffering from life-threatening injuries. However, reports state that when the collapse occurred there were nine workers who fell through the floor of the hotel, many of whom suffered injuries, with some sustaining broken bones. Many of those injured were transported to local hospital emergency rooms for assessment and treatment. After the collapse, all workers were cleared from the building while the proper parties were notified of the necessity for a post-collapse building inspection.

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