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Shelter-in-place issued for all of Deer Park, TX after plant fire breaks out

Deer Park, Texas has been issued a shelter-in-place at 8:58 a.m. after a fire broke out in a chemical plant. The International Terminals Company’s plant has around 13.1 million barrels of storage on site and first responders have indicated that the fire has begun to spread.

The facility located on Independance Parkway, just north of Highway 225, in La Porte,TX has been on fire for hours and is still not under control. It’s unclear at this time if there have been any casualties or how long until this plant fire is under control. The tanks in question could be storing extremely volatile chemicals including various fuels and distilates. This leaves an extremely dangerous situation for all of those involved. ITC has had two formal violations of the Clean Air Act in the past five years but at this time, the cause of the fire is unconfirmed.

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