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Large Fire and Explosion Results in Evacuation of Midland Area Homes and Businesses

At mid-morning, emergency personnel, including firefighters and paramedics, responded to what was described as a large explosion and fire in Midland County near South Fairgrounds Road and Cloverdale Road. The explosion and fire occurred directly east of the Midland County Fairgrounds.

The fire continues to burn although no more explosions have occurred since about 10:00 a.m. on November 21. Currently, firefighters explained that they are involved in fire containment and preventing further explosions. Specifically, officials explain that firefighters are monitoring the blaze as it burns out on its own accord. No timeframe has been provided by officials as to when the fire will in fact extinguish.

A large, expansive plume of black smoke is spreading over the area of the fire and explosion and beyond. Indeed, the smoke plume from the blast and fire can be seen from miles around.

As of noon, at least one person was reported injured at the scene of the fire and explosion. The possibility exists that more injuries may be reported. The injured individual was transported to an area medical center. That person’s condition is now known at this time.

Concerns about further explosions and the potential for hazardous chemicals contained in the smoke plume forced Midland authorities to order the evacuation of homes and businesses within a half-mile radius of the scene. This is not merely a shelter in place order but one actually requiring everyone in the zone to leave the area until further notice. This is considered a more extreme measure and is used only when there exists some evidence that an immediate danger to the health, safety, and wellbeing of people in a particular area exists. Officials have provided no timeframe whatsoever as to when people will be able to return to the Midland explosion exclusion zone.

As of midday, authorities released a preliminary assessment of the situation. According to these early reports, a truck caught fire in the midst of a number of frac tanks. In addition, a hot oiler caught on fire as well.

Frac tanks are used in the oil and gas industry for storing water and other liquids. These can include flammable substances. Frac tanks normally store what are known as “dirty liquids.” Dirty liquids typically are classified as substances that are incapable of running through an engine.

A hot oiler is a unit designed to remove wax deposits from the upper section of a wellbore, including fracking wells. A hot oiler typically is transported on a truck from one well site to another.

In short speed, the fire spread to at least four or five frac tanks. During this process, an explosion occurred, which accelerated the surrounding blaze and heightened the amount of potentially dangers smoke being emitted into the air.

Matters grew more serious after firefighters arrived at the Midland explosion and fire. Using a large fire engine, firefighters to went to work trying to put out the hoi oiler blaze. During that process, a hose associated with the hot oiler ruptured, resulting in flammable fluid spilling onto the ground. The flammable fluid quickly flowed at and around the fire engine being used to fight the flames. The fire engine ended up engulfed in fire and destroyed.

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