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Refinery Plant Explosion Rocks Port Neches and Surrounding Areas in Middle of Night

A tremendous explosion in the middle of the night blew out windows in at least a 10-mile radius in and around Port Neches, Texas. The explosion occurred at about 1:00 a.m. at the TPC Group Port Neches Operations center in a processing unit of the refinery plant. Although located in Port Neches, the refinery is also near Beaumont and Nederland. It is situated 95 miles east of Houston.

By dawn, emergency personnel responding to the scene reported that three people were injured at the plant and transported to area hospitals. The hospitalized individuals included two refinery plant employees and one contract worker. The extent of their injuries in the aftermath of the Port Neches refinery explosion were not reported. TPC Group, the operator of the refinery, also reported as the sun rose on Thanksgiving Eve, that all employees and contract workers were accounted for after the TPC refinery explosion.

An unknown number of area homes and businesses sustained immediate damage as a result of the Port Neches refinery explosion. Early reports indicate that the majority of the damage is comprised of blown-out windows in approximately a 10-mile area around the refinery. Speaking for emergency personnel, a Jefferson County Judge reported that some minor injuries were suffered by members of the general public, people who more than likely were asleep at the time of the horrific blast. As of early morning on November 27 there have been no reports of serious injuries among the general population.

Despite no report of serious injurious in the general public, the TPC refinery explosion resulted in governmental officials ordering an immediate evacuation of all people living or working in a half-mile radius around the plant. People living between a half-mile to one-mile from the Port Neches plant explosion have been encouraged to evacuate, but not directly ordered to do so at this time.

The evacuation was ordered out of concern for contaminants that are likely present in a growing smoke plume arising from the explosion site and spreading. Within a short time after the explosion, air monitoring teams were dispatched to the refinery and throughout the area surrounding the TPC plant. Because air monitors had only begun their work, no immediate reports on specific contaminants contained in the spreading smoke plume were available. The reality is that in cases of refinery plant explosions smoke plumes typically contain what prove to be harmful toxins. These toxins have the possibility to cause what can prove to be serious illnesses among people exposed to refinery explosion smoke plumes.

TPC Group is refines an array of different types of products from raw petrochemicals. In turn, the products refined by TPC group are utilized in the production of different types of fuels, lubricant additives, synthetic rubber, plastics, and surfactants.

With hours of the explosion, with at least some understanding of the extent of damage caused in the direct aftermath of the Port Neches refinery explosion, TPC Group announced that the company was working with its insurance carrier to establish a hotline for area residents impacted in some way by the blast. This includes members of the general public who may have sustained injuries as a direct result of the blast as well as people who suffered property damage because of the explosion. Whether the smoke plume results in further physical injury to plant employees, refinery contract workers, and members of the general public remains to be seen.

Speaking of insurance claims for injuries, damages, and losses arising from the plant explosion, a person interested in making a claim should contemplate consulting with a refinery explosion lawyer before interacting with the insurance company representing the interests of TPC Group. The Doan Law Firm itself has a Port Neches refinery explosion hotline at (832) 835-0000. The hotline is staffed around the clock, 365 days a year, including major holidays like Thanksgiving. A case evaluation and initial consultation can be scheduled at any time.

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There is no charge for an initial consultation with a refinery explosion lawyer. In addition, The Doan Law Firm makes an attorney fee promise to clients. A client pays no fee unless the firm wins a favorable settlement or judgment.

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