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Number of Complaints of Sexual Assault and Abuse Mount Against University of Michigan Sports Doctor

Number of Complaints of Sexual Assault and Abuse Mount Against University of Michigan Sports Doctor

As of the last week of April 2020, 257 unique complaints had been lodged with the University of Michigan about Dr. Robert Anderson, a physician who had been sports doctor for the school for many years. Anderson is accused of sexually assaulting and sexually abusing both men and women on sports teams at the University of Michigan, the earliest complaints dating back to the late 1970s. The number of complaints lodged with the university is expected to continue to keep growing.

Police Investigation into Complaints Against Anderson Commenced in 2018

Despite Anderson’s decade’s long alleged sexual assault and sexual abuse of children, police only opened an investigation into the physician’s suspected criminality in 2018. What became clear when the law enforcement investigation commenced was that campus employees were aware of Anderson’s sexual misconduct. These University of Michigan employees knew that Anderson was sexually assaulting and sexually abusing male and female athletes at the school over the course of what could prove to be many years.

Some of the individuals who’ve filed complaints about Anderson’s sexual assault and abuse of student athletes made it clear that Anderson’s conduct had become a “running joke” among much of the university’s athletic department staff. These reports come from male and female athletes alike.

The First Complaint Against the MU Sports Doctor

The first formal complaint lodged with the university about Anderson’s sexual misconduct was made by a Michigan football player who played for the Wolverines from 1977 to 1980. The football player alleged that Anderson subjected him to recurring and unnecessary rectal exams, the examinations being conducted by the team doctor in order to provide the physician with his own sexual gratification.

The man making the first complaint against Anderson noted that he ultimately was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer. The former football player said he delayed seeking a rectal exam because he previously had been traumatized by the sexual assault perpetrated by the University of Michigan sports doctor.

Justice in the University of Michigan Sexual Assault Cases

Dr. Robert Anderson died in 2008. With that said, he did leave behind an estate evidently has assets that can be used to satisfy at least some elements of the claims that might be made for his sexual assault and abuse.

In addition, and as was noted a moment ago, some University of Michigan employees admitted that they were aware of the allegations that Anderson was sexually assaulting and abusing male and female students on athletic teams. For this and other legal reasons, claims might also be made against the university itself for injuries and losses suffered by individuals who were victims of sexual assault or abuse by Anderson.

Protecting Your Legal Rights in a University Sexual Assault or Sexual Abuse Case

Unfortunately, the University of Michigan sexual assault case truly is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sexual misconduct of college and university staff and students. A growing number of universities have made headlines in recent years because of staff sexually assaulting students in large numbers. For example, Ohio State University was the site of another sport doctor who sexually assaulted and sexually abused students. In this case, the victims were members of the men’s wrestling team and the coverup by that university is said to include a man who is now a Member of Congress.

The Pennsylvania State University sexual assault and abuse scandal resulted in the conviction of assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky on 52 counts of child molestation, acts that arose during special sports programs hosted on campus for children. An unknown number of college and university students are sexually assaulted, abused, exploited, and harassed every year by staff of institutions of higher learning.

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