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Martin County, Texas, Explosion and Fire Send Dark Smoke Plume Skyward

Yet again, an explosion has occurred in Martin County, Texas, that has resulted in a midnight black plume of smoke that potentially contains dangerous chemicals skyward. The thick spire of smoke could be seen as far away as Midland and Odessa. The Martin County explosion occurred at a saltwater disposal plant located near the intersection of SH 829 and County Road 2600. The blast occurred at about 3:30 Tuesday afternoon.

Firefighters arrived at the scene of the Martin County explosion immediately and had the fire under control within a few hours. The extent of damage to the saltwater disposal plant is not yet known. An oil truck is reported to have been completely destroyed in the fire that resulted from the blast. As of the end of the day on Tuesday, no serious injuries had been reported as a result of the explosion and fire.

An investigation has commenced to ascertain the cause of the saltwater disposal plant explosion outside Midland and Odessa. No information has yet been released that provides any indication as to how the explosion occurred in the first instance.

In addition to limited information about the investigation into the explosion and resulting fire itself, no data is yet available on to the extent of monitoring being undertaken in regard to the thick smoke released from the incident. Health and environmental officials typically closely monitor smoke arising from pipeline explosions, other types of explosions, and from industrial accidents because of the harmful substances that can be contained in these plumes. Oftentimes, officials will issue shelter in place orders until particularly hazardous explosion smoke plumes dissipate at least to some degree.

Reports are not yet available as to whether or not the Martin County saltwater disposal plant explosion caused any damage to neighboring buildings. Typically, these types of incidents result in property damage and even some personal injuries in the surrounding area. Indeed, in the past year, there have been Texas explosions that caused property damage and even some injuries within a two-mile radius of the blast site.

The saltwater disposal plant explosion is not the first blast and fire in and around Midland and Odessa in 2020. A massive gas line explosion occurred on July 28, 2020, which resulted in a number of injuries. The cause of this explosion was a ditching company struck an existing gas pipeline, resulting in a substantial blast. The July Martin County explosion occurred near the intersection of HWY 127 and D 3800.

The Midland and Odessa area has seen a number of major explosions in recent times. For example, on August 8, 2020, a large gas pipeline explosion occurred near highways 1357 and 1379. This blast was the result of a gas pipeline rupture near an electrical substation, a location that complicated the efforts of firefighters in battling the blaze. This was yet another Texas explosion that resulted in a plume of thick, black, and potentially hazardous smoke spiraling upward and spreading outward over homes and businesses in a wide area around the explosion zone.

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