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Massive Explosion Levels Houston Suburban Residence

A massive explosion leveled a house in Tomball, Texas, the Houston suburban community. The middle-of-the-night blast was so powerful that it rocked and rattled homes and businesses within a five-mile radius of the explosion. Firefighters were at the scene in a matter of minutes, the residence already being fully engulfed in intense flames. With that said, firefighters were able to get the blaze under control in a fairly short period of time. They were able to prevent the fire from spreading to neighboring residences, which was an initial concern.

One person was reported dead as a result of the Houston explosion. Early reports are that a resident of the property was killed in the explosion. No one else appears to have been in the house at the time of the incident. In addition, no one from any of the neighboring properties appear to have been injured following the explosion and fire.

An investigation into the cause of the blast was immediately initiated. Early evidence from the scene indicates that natural gas was somehow involved in causing the explosion as was some other flammable substance. This has led investigators to conclude that the incident was the result of some sort of intentional act. Indeed, local utility officials have reported already that the natural gas pipeline and other facilities at the residence were in normal operating condition.

The Houston explosion is one of many residential blasts that have occurred in different locations in Texas and elsewhere around the country in the past year. Some have suggested that there is something of a rash of residential explosions in the United States in 2020, adding to the already challenging aspects of the year.

Unlike what might be the case with the Houston explosion from mid-December, nearly all of the residential explosions that have occurred in the United States were the result of some sort of natural gas pipeline or related malfunction. These natural gas pipeline and similar types of incidents oftentimes result in the deaths and seriously injuries of people in the vicinity of the blast.

A prime example of such an incident is a Dallas explosion that occurred at a residence and resulted in the death of a 12-year-old girl. The girl was getting ready for school when a horrific explosion occurred at her home. Federal investigators undertook an intense, extensive investigation of the matter that extended over the course of many months. Ultimately, investigators concluded that the blast was the result of fractures in a natural gas pipeline serving the area. A crack in the natural gas pipeline was found to exist directly behind the house that was destroyed in the fatal explosion.

In the case of the Dallas explosion, during the week or so prior to the blast and death of the young girl, two smaller natural gas fires were reported at other homes in the vicinity. In addition, multiple reports were made of suspected natural gas leaks in the area to Atmos Energy. Atmos Energy is the natural gas provider for the Dallas metropolitan area. Atmos Energy has a legal obligation to maintain its pipelines and facilities in a reasonably safe condition, which is the standard applied to all similarly situated public utilities in operation in Texas and across the United States.

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