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Worker Killed in Construction Accident on Enbridge Oil Pipeline

A construction worker was killed Friday at a staging area for the Enbridge Oil Pipeline. The construction accident occurred in Hill City, Minnesota. Enbridge, a petroleum company headquartered in Calgary, has thus far refused to release any information about the underlying cause of the accident. In addition, Enbridge has declined to disclose any information about the victim of the Minnesota oil pipeline accident.

One of the visible steps taken by Enbridge since the Minnesota oil pipeline accident that took the life of a worker involved grief counseling. The company announced that it is making grief counselors available to surviving workers.  

The company has also halted work on the section of the pipeline at and around the construction yard. According to Enbridge, the company is examining safety standards and protocols in that area as well as all along the 340-mile oil pipeline.

What is known about the Enbridge oil pipeline accident is that it occurred at what is called a “construction yard.” A construction yard essentially is a staging area for an oil pipeline building project. It is a highly active site, complete with heavy equipment, pipeline supply materials, and largescale earthmoving, semi-trucks, and other vehicles. A construction site is also the location of a considerable number of workers who play a myriad of roles in an overall oil pipeline construction project.

The Aitkin County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Enbridge construction accident scene, together with emergency medical personnel. As of the weekend, and rather like Enbridge, the local sheriff has declined to comment about the pipeline death. Rather, the sheriff referred questions about the accident to the Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The Minnesota worker safety agency has opened an investigation into the Hill City construction site accident. Having just started looking into the underlying cause of the death of the oil pipeline worker, the Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Administration has not yet developed any concrete information on how the accident occurred and why the victim died at the oil pipeline construction yard. There is no indication at this time as to how long the investigation will last.

Work had only just begun on the Enbridge oil pipeline less than three weeks before the accident. Once completed in about three years, the pipeline will run from Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin.

Approximately 2,000 workers currently are involved in the project. Ultimately, the number of workers anticipated to staff the oil pipeline construction project is expected to reach 4,200.

The Enbridge oil pipeline project took an extended period of time to garner regulatory approval. Indeed, the controversial $2.6 billon pipeline project took about six years to finally gain approval. Among the objections to the massive project were environmental concerns as well as those associated with safety of workers and the public alike.

In addition, bands of the Ojibwe tribe object to the pipeline project. The new pipeline deviates slightly in some areas, crossing onto to Ojibwe tribal land.

The pipeline is intended to replace an aging, existing conduit that exists along the same course. The existing pipeline is corroded and working at only half capacity.

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