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Catastrophic San Diego Tour Bus Accident Kills Three, Injures Almost 20

Catastrophic San Diego Tour Bus Accident Kills Three, Injures Almost 20

On a rainy Saturday morning, catastrophe struck on I-15 in northern San Diego County. A horrific tour bus accident killed three passengers and injured almost 20 others. The exact cause of the accident has yet been disclosed, although some general facts are known.

At 10:20, the tour bus was traveling on the rain-drenched I-15, just south of the State Route 76 exit. For reasons yet to be discerned, the bus driver swerved. In doing so, the driver lost control of the bus. The bus rolled over and over again down the embankment at the side of the highway.

As the bus pitched on its side and rolled, several passengers were thrown out of the crashing vehicle. When the bus came to a rest, some passengers were trapped inside. Some of the people on board were able to crawl from the wreckage on their own accord.

The bus came to a precarious rest on its side at the edge of a hill. The hill itself was covered in soaked grass and mud, making recovery efforts challenging.

Three women were killed in the tragic accident. One of these three victims had been thrown from the bus and then crushed underneath it. Rescue workers took several hours to recover her body from underneath the tour bus. The other two women killed in the accident were pulled from inside the wreckage and declared dead at the scene. None of the people killed in the San Diego tour bus accident have been identified by authorities pending notification of their families.

In addition to the fatalities, 18 passengers were transported to area hospitals. Four of these passengers suffered major injuries, including a 5-year old boy who is listed in critical condition. The 5-year old boy suffered head injuries and likely has a traumatic brain injury.

The bus driver is listed as having minor injuries. He was not transported to a medical center for attention. He was detained at the scene of the accident and ultimately taken to an area police station for questioning. The name of the driver has not been released. Investigators did announce that the driver voluntarily submitted a blood sample. Obtaining a blood sample from a tour bus driver is standard practice is accidents of this nature. Law enforcement officials have noted that at this time alcohol and drugs are not suspected as being a factor in the bus crash.

As of Sunday, investigators had made no clear determination about the cause or causes of the accident. For example, investigators have made no decision as to whether a mechanical issue or driver distraction played a role in the accident. At a minimum, they are investigating the possibility of a brake or steering malfunction.

In addition, investigators said it was too early to determine how must of a role the inclement weather played in the accident. The investigation is also focused on whether the bus was in compliance with all safety requirements.

The tour bus began its journey several hours earlier in Los Angeles County. At the time of the wreck, the bus was headed to San Ysidro, with a final stop across the border in Tijuana.

The charter bus is owned by Executive Lines, a tour bus company based in East Los Angeles. The wrecked bus was on a regular route maintained by Executive Lines. As of 24 hours following the accident, the charter company had not responded to any media requests for comments. In addition, it is unknown as to whether or not any representative of the company had yet been questioned by investigators.

About eight hours after the accident, the tour bus was finally able to be removed from the crash site. The tour bus was towed to a California Highway Patrol evidence yard for further examination.

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