Wearable Technology and Personal Injury Cases in 2020

At this juncture in time, one in six people in the United States own some type of wearable device. Wearable technology comes in an array of different forms that have functions like track health, record fitness milestones, organize a user’s schedule and other matters, and communicate in a variety of different ways. Industry insiders predict within the coming year there may be as many as 560 million wearable devices in the United States at some point in 2021. In other words, the country is experiencing yet another proverbial technology explosion.

As is the case with some of the technological developments in the past decade, including the ubiquitous availability of smartphones in the United States, the expanding use of wearable devices will not only have positive consequences but have the potential for seriously negative results as well. Despite the notable benefits of wearable technology, these devices are truly worrisome in that they provide other means by which drivers can be distracted when operating a car. Distracted driving has been a major cause of automobile accidents in the 21st century, wearable technology presenting another way in which the attention of drivers’ will be snared.

While there is a myriad of benefits to wearable technology, these devices are also beginning to make a negative mark when it comes to accidents, personal injuries, and personal injury claims and lawsuits. People from all walks of life need to appreciate two important facts when it comes to wearable technology.

First, distractions caused by wearable technology are causing an increasing number of accidents in the United States with each passing month. Second, information contained or retained on certain types of wearable technology is being sought by people involved in personal injury claims. This includes both injured individuals hoping to obtain compensation but also insurance companies and others defending against a personal injury claim.

Wearable Technology, Accidents, and Pursuing Personal Injury Claims

What may not be immediately apparent in a car accident case, or other type of incident, is the reality that a wearable device may have distracted a driver or other type of negligent individual in a different situation. An experienced car accident lawyer already appreciates that mobile devices like smartphones are proving to be distracting for a considerable percentage of automobile drives. In 2020, focus needs to also be intently on whether or not a car driver (or a person in another type of setting) was distracted by a wearable device.

Wearable Technology, Accidents, and Defending Personal Injury Claims

In addition to wearable technology proving to be a distraction which results in people from all walks of life sustaining injuries, these various devices are now also being used by insurance companies in their efforts to defend against claims made by injured people. A person needs to bear this in mind if injured when utilizing wearable technology.

There may be data contained within a wearable device that might have a propensity to allegedly contradict a claim being made by an insured person. This new reality as the use of wearable technology is bursting on the scene underscores the necessity for legal representation if injured. A seasoned personal injury lawyer, like a member of team at the nationwide Doan Law Firm, has the experience to address issues that might arise associated with an injured person’s use of a wearable technology.

Your Legal Rights and a Tenacious Personal Injury Lawyer

With the anticipated explosion of wearable technology this year, the number of people injured by others distracted by these types of devices is expected to climb upward and perhaps sharply so. If you’ve been injured in a car accident and suspect the driver of the other vehicle may have been distracted by some type of wearable device, you need an experienced, dedicated automobile accident lawyer on your team.

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