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Former New England Patriot Recounts Persistent Sexual Abuse by University of Michigan Team Doc

Former New England Patriot Recounts Persistent Sexual Abuse by University of Michigan Team Doc

Jon Vaughn was drafted by the New England Patriots in 1991 following a successful college career at the University of Michigan. Over the course of almost 30 years since his university days, Vaughn hid his experiences as the victim of ongoing sexual abuse at the hands of the University of Michigan athletic department physician, a doctor named Robert E. Anderson. Only recently has Vaughn shared with the public his sexual victimization as a college student.

When it comes to sexual abuse alleged to have been perpetrated by Anderson at the University of Michigan, Vaughn is far, far from alone. Allegations pertaining to the sexual misconduct of Anderson became public for the first time in February 2020. Throughout 2020, the number of alleged victims has grown at an alarming pace.

As of this time, more than 400 former Michigan students have come forward with allegations of being abused by Anderson. Indeed, these victims have lodged lawsuits against the estate of Anderson as well as the University. (Anderson died in 2008.) There is no indication at this moment that all of the students sexually molested by Anderson have been identified or come forward either publicly or in the legal arena.

Former NFL player Jon Vaughn has been brave in coming forward and sharing his dreadful experiences being sexually molested by the University of Michigan athletic department doctor. The sexual molestation began at Vaughn’s first appointment with the athletic department physician.

As a freshman football player, Vaughn went in for a scheduled appointment with Anderson. During the examination, the physician fondled the teenager’s genitals. The physician also probed the Vaughn’s rectum advising the student that he was performing a prostate exam.

Vaughn admits he had limited experience with doctors before becoming a student at the University of Michigan. He simply did not understand at the time that an 18-year-old boy does not need to undergo a rectal exam of this nature.

During his time at the University of Michigan, Vaughn had 10 or 11 other appointments with Anderson, the athletic department physician. These included appointments for such things as strep throat, a twisted ankle, and other issues that in no way necessitated an examination of a patient’s genitals of rectum.

No matter the reason Vaughn was seen by the sexually abusive doctor, Anderson “would rush through the normal exam and spend extra time on your penis, testicles, and anus. The rectal exam always involved digital insertion. He didn’t use gloves.” As graphic as his recounting of what occurred at the University is, Vaughn (and others) believe it’s necessary to come forward and convey what they endured at the hands of this doctor. Not only do they want to obtain justice in their own situations, they want to send the message to others who are sexually abused at the hands of people in authority, including doctors, that they are not alone. This includes male and female victims alike.

In recent times, Vaughn has had the opportunity to discuss his experiences with other former University of Michigan students. He has learned that time and again male students involved in the athletic program at the University were subjected to similar “exams” by Anderson.

Complaints about Anderson sexual misconduct with students date back to 1968. The University never took action to fire Anderson. Indeed, by 1979 the physician was assigned full time to the school’s athletic department.

Anderson is the fourth university physician to be accused of sexual misconduct in recent years. One of the most notorious was Dr. Larry Nassar, a physician at Michigan State University. He is said to have sexually molested hundreds of women while at the school under the guise of providing medical examinations.

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