The ABCs of Adult Supervision of Pools and Children: Keeping Kids Safe in Pools and a Beaches

The ABCs of Adult Supervision of Pools and Children: Keeping Kids Safe in Pools and a Beaches

There is a regularly used adage that it takes a village to raise a child. In fact, it does take a coordinated effort of a village to keep kids safe when swimming at a pool or playing at the beach in the summertime. In this regard, there are ABCs of adult supervision of pools, baches, and children during the summer. While parents are part of the equation, other adults come into play. These include adults associated with the operation of public swimming pools and beaches.

The basic ABCs of adult supervision of pools, beaches, and children are:

  • A – active adult supervision
  • B – barriers
  • C – classes

A: Active Adult Supervision

Active adult supervision is a vital element of keeping kids safe at pools and beaches in the summer. One of the most common underlying reasons why a child drowns at a pool or beach is because an assigned adult supervisor is somehow distracted and not fully paying attention to the children in his or her charge. The grim reality is that a lifeguard or other supervising adult that is distracted even for a matter of seconds can result in a child drowning.

B: Barriers

Adults need to make certain that appropriate barriers are in place at pools. Of course, placing physical barriers around beaches is virtually impossible. Nonetheless, strategies must be developed that reasonably keep children off of beaches in the absence of adults or when a beach is closed for the day (or season).

Pool barriers need to include fences of an appropriate height and of a composition that cannot be easily compromised. Ideally, a pool fence is eight feet in height.

Two other key components of a pool barrier are a gate that locks and an alarm system. The locking gate is fairly self-explanatory. The gate itself is not the only element of a pool area that needs to be alarmed. An alarm system must include a motion sensor around the deck that will activate an alarm if a child (or anyone else, for that matter) somehow enters the immediate area of the pool.

C: Classes

Finally, appropriate classes are a vital element of keeping kids safe in and round pool and beaches. Of course, children need to have proper swimming and safety training before they are allowed to enter a pool or play at the beach with adult supervision.

Adults who will be charged with supervising children while at the pool or the beach need to be capable swimmers. Attending class may be a necessity in that regard. In addition, adults need to complete a suitable life saving course before they supervise kids at a pool or beach.

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