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2020 Hurricane Season Breaks Records Before It Even Starts

2020 Hurricane Season Breaks Records Before It Even Starts

The Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1 and runs through November 30, according to the National Hurricane Center. Even before the 2020 hurricane season officially began, Atlantic tropical storms broke records for two main reasons.

First, this year’s hurricane season opened with a record number of named storms having formed in the Atlantic, two before the season and one that ripped into action directly at the start official start of the season. These storms were christened Arthur, Bertha, and Cristobal.

Second, the trio of early named Atlantic storms broke another record. One of the storms impacted states that normally don’t see any real impact from Atlantic hurricanes and other tropical storms. Hurricane Cristobal took what experts called a peculiar pathway when it hit the shores of the United States. Cristobal ended up impacted states like Missouri, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

Only three other times have hurricanes effected people and businesses in Wisconsin. These are Hurricane Gilbert in 1988, an unnamed hurricane in 1949, and the infamous, catastrophic Galveston Hurricane of 1900.

Alberto and Bertha took more traditional courses when they hit landfall this year. The biggest issue with both Alberta and Bertha when they made landfall in the United States was flooding. Wind speeds when these storms hit the United States were high but not of velocities sufficient to cause significant damage in and of themselves.

What to Look Forward to During the 2020 Hurricane Season

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting an active hurricane season. The average hurricane season has a dozen named storms. Of these storms, six are hurricanes of which three are hurricanes.

NOAA predicts that there will be upwards to 19 named storms during the 2020 hurricane season. Of that number, upwards to 10 may be hurricanes, according to NOAA. Of the 10 possible hurricanes, six may be major hurricanes.

Your Legal Rights When Making a Claim for Losses During Hurricane Season

Understanding that the possibility exists that the 2020 hurricane season may prove to be particularly active, businessowners, homeowners, and others need to be appropriately prepared. This includes having an essential understanding of what needs to be done in a businessowner, homeowner, or another person faces unfair claim settlement practices by insurance companies in the aftermath of a major storm during the hurricane season.

An unfortunately rather commonplace occurrence in the aftermath of a hurricane is for business owners and homeowners to face challenges with appropriately submitted claims. The sheer volume of claims submitted following a major hurricane can end up slowing down the settlement process.

With that said, insurance companies are apt to take whatever steps they possible can tot further prevent a full and settlement of valid claims submitted following a hurricane or other major weather event. In the grand scheme of things, insurance companies are in business for one primary reason. They exist to make money for their shareholders. By paying out less money in the way of claims insurance companies increase the profits for their shareholders.

If you’re a businessowner or homeowner who ends up needing to pursue a more substantial insurance claim of some type associated with losses from a storm during the 2020 hurricane season, you will best protect your interests by being as proactive as possible in seeking legal assistance.

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