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Hollywood Serial Sexual Predator Harvey Weinstein Faces Yet More Legal Action for Sexual Abuse and Assault

In many ways, infamous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has been a significant catalyst for women (and even some men) to come forward and seek redress for what they contend was the sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and sexual assault perpetrated against them by men in positions of power. The #MeToo movement did arise in the aftermath of women taking public stands against their sexual victimization by Harvey Weinstein.

During the last week of May, four more women filed a lawsuit against Weinstein claiming they were sexually abused or assaulted by the motion picture mogul. One of the women pursuing legal redress was a teenage girl at the time she alleges she was sexually abused by Weinstein.

While each of the four women has a unique story about being victimized by Weinstein, there was a common theme in the accusations made by all of them. Indeed, their individual claims echo what has been alleged time and again by women targeted for sexual assault by the man. Each of the women who brough the latest lawsuit against Weinstein allege that

They all intone the mantra made time and again by women who’ve been victimized by this former entertainment industry powerhouse. They were invited to meet with Weinstein privately to discuss career advancement opportunities and how he could help women advance their careers. The women allege Weinstein physically trapped them at the location of the meeting. Once ensnared, Weinstein sexually assaulted or abused the women. Once he gratified himself, Weinstein threatened that he would “destroy them” if they ever reported his conduct to anyone.

One of the latest women to take legal action against Weinstein contends that she was invited to dinner to discuss her career. After dinner they returned to their hotel, Weinstein telling her that they needed to drop by a mutual friend’s suite. In fact, Weinstein brought her to his room, confined her inside the room, and sexually assaulted her.

Another of the women in the latest lawsuit was 17 at the time of being victimized by Weinstein. She was brought to a hotel under the guise of a meeting with the producer to discuss her career as an actress. She was left at his room and when she entered she found Weinstein naked. As with the other plaintiff in the case, Weinstein trapped the teenage girl in the hotel room. Once locked in the room, Weinstein raped the underage girl.

Before the girl was allowed to leave the hotel room, Weinstein took her driver’s license. He told the girl that if she ever told anyone about what occurred in the hotel room, Weinstein would make sure her career was over. Weinstein further said that if the girl spoke, he would have her tracked down. Weinstein said he would have the girl and her family physically harmed.

The third latest accuser to bring a lawsuit alleged that Weinstein scheduled a meeting with the woman to discuss the career in Hollywood. Within minutes of the start of the “meeting,” Weinstein told the woman that she would not be able to leave until she did what he wanted sexually. Weinstein ended up raping her.

The final plaintiff in the lawsuit filed at the end of May alleged she had a meeting with Weinstein at the Venice Film Festival to discuss her career. Later that evening, Weinstein contacted the woman to meet with her a second time. During the follow up session, Weinstein trapped her in the room and forced the victim to perform oral sex on him.

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